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Jasminum sambac  commonly known as Belle of India, Grand Duke, Arabian Jasmine,star jasmine.This plant is a slow grower, with pale green pointed leaves and beautiful fragrant double flowers with elongated narrow petals.

Jasmine Plant Benefits

  • Helps with insomnia. Japanese scientists prove that the sedative effects of this flower are helpful in sleep. For a reason, jasmine tea is often recommended if you are nervous because of its calming abilities. Growing this plant indoors, especially in the bedroom, can affect your sleep in a good way!


  • It can help with anxiety. Jasmine fragrance can relieve stress and make you generally calmer. We have mentioned already that certain species, such as Wild Jasmine, are primarily known for their relaxing abilities.


  • Cure for headaches. If you suffer from headaches often, you may need to consider growing this plant indoors! Jasmine's fragrance is proved to be beneficial for such kind of pain.


  • Ease period cramps. If your periods are painful, jasmine oil can help with this issue. Just rub the oil on the lower abs during this time. Jasmine aromatherapy is also helpful with this type of pain.


  • It's an excellent air purifier. Many plants are known for cleaning the air, and jasmine is not an exception. And it does not only purify the air but also eliminates all unpleasant smells.

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