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Graceful and elegant, Lotus/Kamal water lilies are a wonderful addition to any water garden. Lotus/Kamal Water lily is a popular ornamental plant widely grown for their beautiful flower blooms in ponds.

Lotus/Kamal Water lilies is a perennial plant that often form dense colonies. The leaves arise on flexible stalks from large thick rhizomes. The leaves are more round than heart-shaped, bright green.The showy, fragrant, solitary flowers are borne at or above the water surface. Each flower has a spiral arrangement of its numerous petals.

Growing beautiful Lotus/Kamal water lilies can be as easy work. There are 6 things Lotus/Kamal water lily will become their greatest beauty bloom.  A good fertilizer or nutrient for root, Soil, Sun, wind and appropriate water depth and finally a good environment that cleared pests /diseases of Water lily.

The lotus/Kamal are beautiful water plants with round  green leaves held well above the water. The flowers open mid-morning and close mid-afternoon. Each flower lasts three days before the petals fall away revealing a distinctive seed pod.

POND PREPARATION:  Keep at least 2-3" of water in your pot at all times. Please get ready an Mouth open Tub with minimum 18" upper dia and 12" depth size tub made by Cement,Clay Or Plastic.  Pond on Ground with cement masonry cement  wall and bottom is the best. Fill the pond by Black Cotton Soil / Other Fertile Soils up to 3/4 part. Fill water Up to 3 " on Soil Surface.


AIR TEMPERATURE:  Choose a wind free site. Lotus/Kamals begin to grow when the air temperature is in the 70’s

WATER TEMPERATURE:  The first spring leaves to appear will float on the water surface. Active growth begins when water temperature reaches 70 degrees. At that time the lotus/Kamals will begin to send up leaves which will stand above the water surface

SUN EXPOSURE:  Lotus /Kamals should be grown in full sun only.

PRUNING:  Remove yellowed foliage as needed but do not cut the stems off below the water line.

NUTRIENTS:  When new growth begins each season, you should add aquatic fertilizer pellets to the planting pot. Do not place pellets directly against the tuber. Wait until your lotus/Kamal has developed about 6 new leaves before the first feeding. We do not recommend using granular aquatic fertilizer.

CONTAINERS:  Be sure the container is deep enough to hold 2-3”.

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