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DescriptionSapota (Achras zapota) commonly known as chiku is mainly cultivated in India for its fruit value, while in South-East Mexico, Guatemala and other countries 

Chikoo/Sapotoa is a long-lived, evergreen tropical tree. This plant is also grown for its Latex and cultivated for fruits .The fruit is a fleshy berry. The fruit has an exceptionally sweet, malty flavor.

Grown:  Sapota, being a tropical crop can be grown from sea level upto 1200 m. above m.s.l. It needs warm (10-380 C) and humid climate (70% relative humidity) for growth and can be cultivated throughout the year. These trees are suitable to grown in warmer climate,

Scientific nameManilkara zapota

Health Benefits Of Sapota
  • Promotes Gut Health. The natural plant compound tannins in sapota contain polyphenol which neutralizes acid secretion in the gut.
  • Stronger Bones. 
  • Bolsters Immunity. 
  • Boost Energy. 
  • Healthy Skin. 
  • Prevents Cancer.
  • Controls Blood Pressure.


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