BARI-11 All Season Mango Plant-Grafted

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Bari 11 gives fruit throughout the year. Gives fruit three times in a year March, June and August. The fruit (11.3 cm) tall and the average weight of each mango is 300-350 grams. The raw mango skin is light green.

Botanical Name Mangifera indica
Family Name Anacardiaceae
Plant Type Tree
Size Up to 30m (100ft) x 10m (35ft)
Light Exposure Full sun
Soil Type Free-draining
Soil pH Acid, alkaline or neutral
Flowering Time Winter
Toxicity Stems, leaves and fruit skins contain sap that can cause skin irritation and blisters. Mango wood smoke is highly irritant.

Take care about plants:  
  • Mango trees need a warm environment with a temperature ideally above 21°C (70°F) and a minimum temperature of 4°C (40°F).
  • Mango trees ideally need 8 hours of sunlight per day to produce flowers and fruit. Place pot-grown mango trees outside in summer if possible, to give them sufficient sunlight.

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