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Description:  Antirrhinum Animation White Imp. I excels in uniformity and quality. With radiant bright white flowers and a narrow flowering window, Animation White Imp. guarantees a tight schedule and more sturdy stems of top quality. Excellent variety for snow-white winter bouquets. The Antirrhinum Animation series is ideal for energy-efficient cultivation in cool periods with low light intensity. Animation can be planted in the greenhouse in late summer and in winter. Experience the abundant flowering and top quality flower stems from mid autumn to mid spring. Animation has a wide range of colours and a high level of uniformity in plant structure and flowering time. Discover all the colours in this series. Combine the Animation snapdragon series with series like Costa and Avignon (group II), Cannes (group III), Costa Summer (group III-IV) and Orleans (group IV) for a strong year-round programmed.

  • Botanical NameAntirrhinum majus F1
  • Common  Name: Snapdragon
  • Family: Scrophulariaceae / Plantaginaceae
  • Series name :Animation I
  • Product name :Antirrhinum majus F1 Animation White Imp. 

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