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Hibiscus flower is called hibiscus flower or Jawakusum in Hindi, the botanical name of this flower is "Hibiscus rosa sinensis". Hibiscus flower is a fragrant plant blooming in many colors, which you can plant in the courtyard of your house or even in your outdoors. This flower is called one of the most amazing flowers. The hibiscus plant is a beautiful flowering plant. There are many different species of this plant. This plant is not too big and not too small, it is a plant of middle class. The flower may have five or more petals that may be white, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, or blue.

English Name: Hibiscus
Hindi Name: गुड़हल या जवाकुसुम (Gudhal or Jawakusum )
Scientific Name: Hibiscus
Family: Malvaceae
Kingdom: Plantae
Light : Partial, Full Sun
Height: 10 to 15 feet
Flower Color : white, purple, pink, red, yellow, orange, or blue
Leaves Color : Green


How to Grow:

The care of this plant is very easy. This plant is a perennial, can give flowers all year round. It is a bushy, graceful small tree growing to 9-18 feet tall and 6-13 feet wide, with glossy leaves and spectacular flowers in summer. Flowers with 5 petals are 12 cm in diameter, the way other plants are grown, in the same way the hibiscus plant is also grown. You can grow hibiscus plants in pot or garden soil at your home mainly in two ways.

How to take Care :

If this plant is taken care of properly, then this plant lives for a long time (from 10 to 18 years). There are also many species of hibiscus flower that flourish only in the spring and summer season. In the winter season, it is advisable to keep this plant in the sunlight to avoid the cold. Before watering the plants, it would be better to first touch the soil and see if the soil is dry or not, then use fertilizer and water in it.

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