Abracadabra Rose Plant

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Description: Abracadabra is a Floribunda garden rose and has to be the most unusual rose we have ever grown. Blooms are so striking and stunning with their rich striped blends of light and strong yellows with red and purple stripes and blotches.

This majestic flower tends to trick the eye of the beholder. When still in bud, these variegated roses are fairly small and often look quite sickly. This can often be disappointing, however if given some time, you can literally see the magic unfold in front of your eyes. This once frail bud transforms into a beautiful red bloom with golden specks that mesmerises all who lays their eyes on it. However, this is not the only magical thing about this striking rose. As their name suggests, these roses charm one by displaying a host of individually patterned blooms. Yes, each and every rose is completely unique in colour as well as the pattern.

An abracadabra rose is also known as a floribunda garden rose, and is renowned as the most unique rose ever grown. It grows in clusters with a bush height of up to 1.2m tall. It is also related to the miniature, hocus pocus. With the hocus pocus variation, you can expect 2-3 blooms on each stem, while the abracadabra rose variation has a single bloom on the stem that boast the most elegant shrubs.

Care tips for Abracadabra Roses:

  1. The bush should always be moist, but roots should not sit in water.
  2. Frequent feeding is helpful (Generously 2-3 times over the flowering).
  3. Prune yearly.
  4. Ensure the area around the bush is weed-free.
  5. Plant in an area that gets between 4-6 hours of sunlight, along with good soil drainage.

Care Tips for Picking and Vase Arrangements:

  • Refrain from picking blooms in the first year.
  • Do not cut more than 1/3 of the stem. This ensures that the bush is left productive.
  • Cut with a sharp blade.
  • Pick roses in the morning.
  • Submerge stems under water, recut stems.
  • Remove leaves and thorns that lay below level of vase.
  • Trim stems every few days
  • Keep water fresh and clean
  • Keep out of direct sunlight



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