Mussaenda Pink - Flowering Shrubs

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Mussaenda pink bushes are evergreens in the Rubiaceae family that blooms year around. The bloom colors can be yellow, red or creamy white with red, white or pink bracts or sepals surrounding the flowers. The bracts of the shrub may have different shades, including red, rose, white, pale pink or some mixtures. This plant grows best in warmly temperate or subtropical areas and is semideciduous in cooler parts. It is a shrub or small tree, 2-3 m high. Leaves are opposite, broad-ovate, with short-pointed tips, dark green and glossy.

Take Care:

Minimum 4-6 hours of direct bright light are necessary for flower plants to produce flowers. The soil should be well-drained, fertile, and organic in nature, the sandy-loam soil is the best soil for flowering plants.


  • Firstly, they are very beautiful and are a show-stopper.
  • Secondly, it produces Stunning colored flowers that give a great look to your garden.
  • Moreover, they are highly versatile as they can be grown anywhere in your home.
  • Similarly, you can grow it in your garden or a pot.
  • Moreover, it has high commercial demand and is excellent for plantations.
  • And, their leaves and flowers are crushed and applied externally to treat wounds.
  • Similarly, their leaf-like bracts are boiled in water and are then used to cleanse hair.
  • And, It is also used to treat jaundice.
  • Most importantly, they are also grown as hedges.
  • And, they improve the aesthetic value of the landscape.
  • Finally, they are perfect for Indian climates and thrives well.

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