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Cardinal creeper (Ipomoea horsfalliae) is an evergreen climber that is native to South America, where it grows best in rich, fertile soil in full sun. In its native range, Ipomoea horsfalliae is pollinated almost exclusively by hummingbirds. It is often cultivated as an ornamental garden plant for its ruby-red or magenta flowers and its glossy, dark green foliage.

Cara and Guide:

When watering the Cardinal creeper, you should aim to use filtered water that is at room temperature. Filtered water is better for this plant, as tap water can contain particles that are harmful to its health. The reason that the water should be at room temperature or slightly warmer is that the Cardinal creeper comes from a warm environment, and cold water can be somewhat of a shock to its system. Also, you should avoid overhead watering for this plant, as it can cause foliage complications. Instead, simply apply your filtered room temperature water to the soil until the soil is entirely soaked. Soaking the soil can be very beneficial for this plant as it moistens the roots and helps them continue to spread through the soil and collect the nutrients they need.


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