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Canna lilies (Canna spp.) are known for their bold and tropical-looking foliage, as well as their vibrant and showy flowers. However, it's important to note that Cannas are typically grown from rhizomes, not bulbs. Here's a description of Canna lily rhizomes and their characteristics:

  1. Rhizome Shape and Size: The Canna lily rhizome is a swollen, fleshy underground stem that stores nutrients for the plant. It is typically thick and can vary in size depending on the age and variety of the plant.
  2. Color: Canna rhizomes are often a light tan to dark brown color. The outer layer may have a papery covering that can be easily removed.
  3. Growth Points: On the rhizome, you'll find nodes or "eyes" from which new shoots and roots emerge. These are the points from which the plant will grow.
  4. Buds and Shoots: As the rhizome begins to sprout, buds develop into shoots that eventually emerge from the soil. The shoots will grow into the tall, sturdy stems of the Canna plant.
  5. Foliage: Canna lilies are prized for their large, paddle-shaped leaves that can be green, burgundy, or variegated, depending on the variety.
  6. Flower Characteristics: Canna lily flowers are large and resemble orchids. They come in a variety of colors, including shades of red, orange, yellow, and pink. Some cultivars have bi-colored or speckled flowers.
  7. Blooming Season: Cannas typically bloom in late spring to early fall, producing colorful and showy flower spikes that add a tropical touch to gardens.
  8. Height: Depending on the variety, Canna lilies can range in height from a few feet to over six feet, making them a striking focal point in gardens.
  9. Cultural Significance: Cannas are popular ornamental plants in gardens and landscapes. They are known for their easy cultivation, vibrant colors, and the tropical feel they bring to outdoor spaces.

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