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Amaryllis lily is popular for its trumpet-shaped flowers, it is a bulbous plant. It has several strap-shaped, hysteranthous, green leaves with midrib 30–50 cm long and 2–3 cm broad, arranged in two rows. They are produced in the autumn or early spring in warm climates depending on the onset of rain and eventually die down by late spring. The bulb is then dormant until late summer. The plant is not frost-tolerant, nor does it do well in tropical environments since they require a dry resting period between leaf growth and flower spike production.

Each bulb produces one or two leafless, stout, persistent, and erect stems 30–60 cm tall, each of which bears at the top a cluster of two to twelve funnel-shaped flowers without a tube. The usual color is white with crimson veins, but pink or purple also occur naturally. It has a common name "naked lady" which comes from the plant's pattern of flowering when the foliage has died down.


  • It can grow almost in all types of soil and it can easily grow in any Indian Climatic condition.
  • It prefers semi-shade or bright light or full sunlight with moderate humidity.
  • Regular feeding with organic fertilizer will keep the flowers coming.
  • Plants can be grown in small pots, raised beds, border planting, etc.
  • Lily can long-lived a lot of their growth and performance depends on the soil used, Good well drained soil with lots of organic manure is recommended.


1. Amaryllis lily-white Plant less than 1 Feet Height
2. Growing Pot (Black color) 6 Inch

*above specifications are for indicative purposes only, actual dimensions may slightly vary.


LIGHT CONDITION - It requires a minimum of more than 4 hours of Direct Sunlight. If planted in full shade the blooming frequency will be reduced. 

WATERING SCHEDULE - Water when the topsoil(2-3 inches) feels dry to touch. Always maintain moisture near the root zone. Try to apply water in the morning or evening. 

SOIL TYPE - The soil should be well-drained, fertile & rich in organic content.

TEMPERATURE - The average temperature should be 25-35 Degree Celsius.

FERTILIZER APPLICATION - Apply any organic fertilizer once a month. Do not forget to water your plant immediately after the application of fertilizer. For profuse flowering apply any Phosphorus based fertilizer once a month.

PLANT PROTECTION Remove dead, infected, or damaged plant parts and discard them away from the plants. Generally, it is not affected by any disease or insects, in case of that, you can use Neem oil spray for primary treatment.


  1. Remove the Packaging Materials carefully.
  2. Press the soil in the pot & add additional soil(garden mix) if necessary.
  3. Maintain moisture in the pot, Do not overwater it may kill your plant, so make sure that the soil should be dry between watering.
  4. Make sure that plants get enough morning direct bright light(2-3hrs) for 10-15 days & do not go for immediate transplanting (minimum 1 month)
  5. After 1 month you can transplant it into a slightly bigger pot than the present pot or directly in the soil.
  6. Just prune if any branch of the plant is get damaged in transits. New leaves will come definitely.

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